The Stillpoint Lab is coming to London.

Early in 2017 we will be opening our doors to individuals who are keen to study, work, write, and learn in a new kind of environment:
an open source psychology hub.

At Stillpoint Spaces we wish to create the conditions for engagement with work that goes beyond productivity.

With this in mind, we are creating a place for psychologically minded individuals to come and work intentionally, with depth and meaning in mind.

This is not your usual co-working space, though it will have all the accoutrements of what you would expect in one – access to WiFi, good coffee, and a choice of three zones in which to work, the open plan Lab, the cozy Study, or the Library. We are taking time to stock our growing psychology library with material you can access onsite to deepen your process - from the classics like Freud’s Standard Edition and Jung’s Collected Works, to contemporary journals, books and magazines to help you integrate psychological theory into whatever kind of work you do. Our library is also bookable for members who wish to organise meetings for up to 12 people.

Our Lab also converts into an exciting events space where we will be hosting seminars, workshops, and
conferences on psychological topics that are relevant to you - covering everything from culture and
the arts to design, technology, and society.

Stillpoint Lab Members will have priority discounted access to all of our exciting events and lectures – and we will support you to run events, groups, and workshops of your own. We are keen to build a community of people who are seeking meaning in a world full of distractions.

The idea for the Laboratory was created by a group of international individuals who, excited by the ideas of psychoanalysis, yearned to bring it to the world in a different and modern way – while keeping to the principles of depth psychology. We wondered, what does depth psychology look like outside a consultation room? Through Meetup Events like "Psychoanalysis on the Streets" we aimed to find out. We call it "The Lab" because we see it as an ongoing experiment and we invite you to be a part of it. We are also an international movement - the Berlin Lab is already up and running, and we also have a gallery space in Zurich. Members of the London Lab will also have access to our international venues – and there are more on the way.

While Psychoanalysis is still very close to our hearts, we are not dogmatic in our approach and welcome ideas from all psychological disciplines that are "insight oriented" and working at psychological depth. We are looking to apply these exciting concepts both inside and outside clinical settings.

Here’s a sneak peek at our venue which is currently being fitted out to open in 2017.


Who can become a member?

Anyone with a deep interest in psychology and its applications to individuals, groups, and society are all welcome to apply for membership. While many of us will come from the "talking therapies" we hope to attract people from a variety of disciplines who share our vision and hope to apply ideas from insight oriented-psychologies to their work, whatever that might be.

We are open to:

  • Counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists and analysts who are looking to broaden their work outside their consultation rooms.
  • Individuals from other disciplines who may wish to share their skills, offer workshops, lectures, seminars, or trainings to our members.
  • People who want to work in a psychologically intentional environment that incorporates elements of mindfulness, deep work, and personal individuation into the space.
  • Academics and students with an interest in applying depth psychology to their work – all disciplines welcome (sociology, cultural studies, film studies, etc.).
  • Trainees in psychology, psychotherapy, counselling, or psychoanalytic candidates.

Remember, we are Lab – which means an ongoing experiment! We hope that you will help up find out where this experiment will take us.

What kind of memberships are available?

There will be several tiers of membership depending on how many days a week you think you may wish to use The Lab. We will also be offering a discounted student/trainee membership with regular student events.

We have consultation rooms downstairs from the lab. Practitioners who use these consultation rooms for their practices will be offered membership along with the use of their rooms.

We will be posting our rates and levels of membership shortly. If you think you’d like to be a member of the lab, please register your interest by writing:



25 Feb: Stories of Motherhood: the Mother in Psychoanalysis and Western Culture

"The woman’s body with its potential for gestating (...) has been through the ages a field of contradictions (...) a hoard of ambivalences" – Adrienne Rich

Contributions include:
An exhibition of artwork by Eti Wade and Alison Davies with multi-media by Lakis Georghiou as well as talks by psychotherapist and writer Jane Haynes, feminist theorist Amber Jacobs, Pat Blackett and Lynda Woodroffe.

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18-19 Mar: Psychology in Depth, Inside and Outside the Consulting Room

Launch weekend - Open house & refreshments from 11 am each day.

Psychotherapy Outside the Consulting Room and on the Streets: meeting the challenges and opportunities of the world today.

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